Best 5 Things You Should Do When You Get a New Client as a Realtor

As individuals, we not only want the best things in life but we also expect them where possible. This is the same scenario for anyone interested in the purchase or sale of a home as naturally, expectations are geared towards getting the best realtor. What does this mean exactly? It means that if I am going to be paying for a service, I expect the best and as a result, you have to be able to showcase why as a realtor, you are different from the crowd.

It is expected that as a realtor, part of your services include listing of homes for sale and relocating individuals to new homes. But as a realtor looking to get out of the ordinary classification into the more refined category of professionals, there are other things you should strive to do especially when you get a new client. They are:

Put the Interest of the Clients First

It is standard knowledge that in every business, the client comes first and even if the client’s knowledge of certain situations is wrong, the client is also not viewed as being wrong.

With this in mind, real estate agents are expected to showcase client loyalty at all times which means that not only do you have to follow the law’s dictates on transactions but also act in their best interest at all times.

Tim Elmes, Fort Lauderdale’s leading waterfront realtor, always advices that as a realtor you should be as honest and transparent with your clients about the house as you can be. Gather all the information on the house, the pros and cons and make sure your client is aware of any damages, or extra money they might need to invest into the house.

Resolve Any Conflicts

It is expected that first time home buyers are not well versed in the intricacies of the real estate market and as such might not be able to grasp certain situations. As a realtor who has knowledge of home sales and purchases, you should be able to set aside time to explain certain details to them as well as disclose any areas that might be of potential conflict.

Confidentiality Should Be Maintained

Unlike lawyers and medical professionals, the realtors are not subject to oath taking regarding maintenance of lawyer-client and patient-doctor confidentiality. Regardless, this is something that should be known and adhered to. As an agent, you cannot give out personal information without gaining approval from the client.

Account for Funds

As a realtor taken on clients, it is best to check for the credibility and credit worthiness of the client beforehand so as avoid unpleasant situations. Make sure you have an honest conversation with the client so you can look for a house in their budget range. The funds are also assigned to you by the clients for the purpose of closing a transaction. They must be kept separate from the business and personal funds as well as accounted for at all times.

Be Open in Deals

It is expected of all real estate agents to be able to offer expert knowledge to their clients but the best real estate agents are those who combine knowledge and experience with a good reputation to give client the best advice. They are also the ones who do not need to hide certain parts of the dealings away from the client. Information regarding how well the market is faring and the number of days required to sell the property should be shared.