Real Estate Jobs Considered as One of the Happiest Careers

Since a poll conducted in 2013 about which careers are the happiest, a job real estate has been claimed as one the happiest as well as one of the highest paying jobs in America.

This year a survey conducted by 60,000 employees from 13 industries ranked real estate job as number 2, this according to an article in Realtor Mag: Real Estate Ranked Second-Happiest Industry

What Could Be The Factors Behind This?

  1. Great Teammates & a Great Management Team

Unlike in the corporate world where office politics is the norm, real estate encourages team work. Having a large support group allows realtors to work at their optimal level. With all the resources offered at a real estate company it allows newcomers to get a lot of experience early on.

  1. More Freedom

Unlike in the comfort world where the employee is confined to a cubicle, real estate agents are essentially their own boss. They make their own schedule. They create their own targets. However, this also comes with the pressure that you are the one that defines how much money you make. Thus, realtors tend to be determined and hard-working individuals.

  1. High Commissions

The Possibility of Earning More money from deals or commissions rather than an hourly rate give realtors that extra push to keep on working until the house is sold. Let’s face it. You only have 24 hours in a day. If you’re paid by the hour, that puts a cap on your earnings. Earning by commissions lets you make more money beyond the limitations of an hourly rate.

  1. Helping People Can Make an Agent Happy

Being able to help people get the house or land that they want and be happy with it can add fulfillment to the work that they do. Unless of course, if you have to talk to rude clients. However, you get to pick and choose who your clients are. If a rude person approaches you, you can politely decline to work with them.

  1. More Money, May Equate to More Happiness

Some real estate agents may earn six figures selling one office tower a year. More money means more freedom to buy things. Wouldn’t that make anyone happy?